TOP Books That Career Consultants Recommend To Their Clients

Even for a second, we do not allow the thought that you can be a professional and productive person without reading useful books! Career counselors of the Anti-Slavery platform have collected books that are most useful for a career for our partners – the Smart Reading project. And then we decided: we will share it with our readers! With these books in the Chosen One, you will definitely be ready for a new round in career and personal development.

Stephen Covey “7 Skills of Highly Effective People

It is no accident that Time magazine included Stephen Covey among the five most influential Americans – after all, his book influenced a whole generation of specialists who were not confused by the straightforward and slightly “poppy” name. The author talks about seven principles that can change for the better career and personal life. At the same time, the narrative is not edifying, not boring, Covey believes in the best in people, does not condemn mistakes and failures, gives advice in a gentle, friendly manner.

For whom: for beginning careerists who are looking for working ways to jump above their heads, and professionals who have reached the glass ceiling, are on the verge of burnout and dream of harmony of work and personal life.

Lee Iacocca “Career Manager

Lee Iacocca – one of the most famous top managers in the automotive industry, who happened to work for two automotive giants – and write about this in the book: lively, exciting, without arrogance or edification. The story of how an ordinary engineer without connections and other “politics” has grown to the head of the concern can inspire and captivate, and frank description of the mistakes of others supports the belief in oneself.

For whom: for everyone who dreams of a career in a corporation; who loves cars; who are interested in the history and autobiographies of prominent people.

Kate Ferrazzi, Tal Rez “Never Eat Alone

This book is called the Networking Bible, and career counselors unanimously recommend it as a handbook for a novice professional and even an advanced “networking”. The ability to create and maintain connections largely determine our career, and the higher you climb the career ladder, the more acute the need for “right” acquaintances.

For whom: for those who, for the time being, are silent and alone; for those who lack professional contacts; for those who want a new promising job to find them herself.

Yitzhak Adizes “The Ideal Leader

Sooner or later, a professional will have to grow. If your choice is vertical growth, then the book will help to make fewer mistakes in this obstacle race. The ideal leader is a fabulous unicorn that does not exist in nature but attempts to become one are also counted. The book talks about the four functions of a leader, teaches you how to build an effective team, and works in it, tells you how to direct conflicts in a constructive direction.

For whom: for line specialists who dream of becoming bosses; for managers who are not 100% sure of their competencies; for everyone who understands the importance of continuous self-education and reflection.

Books are excellent advisers, but sometimes it’s faster, easier and more effective to turn to a person for advice. If you have questions about career development: you dream about changing your job, probing the market or already in active search – go to the Anti-Slavery forum . Career counselors answer questions within 1-2 business days and completely free of charge.

Have you read all 4 books? Yes, you are an experienced careerist! Then catch collections for those who “dig deeper.”

Top Career and Job Search Books

  • “Career Guide. An Illustrated Guide to Finding a Profession, Ed. A. Merkuryeva
  • Vladimir Yakuba “How to get a job of your dreams: from an interview to a personal brand”
  • Mikhail Pritula, Roman Zhikharev “Summary for a Million: Your Ticket to the Dream Company”
  • Jeffrey J. Fox “Take your time sending resumes: Unconventional advice for those who want to find their dream job”
  • Robert Sutton “Do Not Work With M * Ducks. And what if they are around you “
  • Raymond Immelman “Boss: Peerless or Useless”

The best books on productivity, development, and career Jedi principles

  • Ray Dalio’s Principles
  • Igor Mann “Number 1: How to Become the Best at What You Do”
  • Maxim Batyrev “45 manager tattoos: Rules of the Russian leader”
  • Harry Beckwith, Christine Clifford Beckwith “Your own brand. The art of self-presentation “
  • Maxim Dorofeev “Jedi Techniques: How to raise your monkey, empty the inbox and save thought fuel”
  • David Allen “How to Get Things Tidy: The Art of Productivity Without Stress”
  • Laszlo Bok “Work steers! Why do most people in the world want to work with Google? ”
  • William Poundstone “Are you smart enough to work for Google?”
  • Robert Cialdini “Psychology of Influence”
  • Eric Byrne “Games People Play”
  • Elena Rezanova “Never: How to break the deadlock and find yourself”

Good luck in building a career – and may the books be with you!

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