Hunt For Work: Check Your Resume For Perfection

It’s time to update your resume! We have compiled for you a selection of useful tips on what and how to formulate in it to attract the attention of the employer among many other candidates, and how to fix common mistakes. Professional recruiters spend only 7–8 seconds to view one resume, so accurate wording is significant.

1. How to name a resume

The name is the first thing that strikes the employer when he views a resume so formulate it more precisely. A resume is not a workbook, literal correspondence between them is not necessary; the main thing is the essence. From the name, it should be immediately apparent what your specialty is. For example, “leading specialist” is an entirely non-specific name, specify which specialist in which area.

2. What photo to choose for the resume

Photography is also striking right away. Whether or not to put a photo in the resume is up to you. But a resume with a photograph could theoretically attract more recruiters’ attention than those without a photo. This is how the human brain works. And another function of the photo is: to win over and to build trust, but the photo needs to be selected correctly.

3. How to indicate your previous place of work

Your previous place of work can tell a lot about your experience. It is okay if the company is known in the market. And if not? Then to indicate in the resume, only the name of the company is not enough. Give more information about the company in your resume.

It is also essential to clarify information about the employer if:

  • The company is well known in a narrow field of business, but you are looking for work outside this sphere (your former employer may not be known there);
  • The company is a market leader in a specific region, but in your search for work, you are not limited only to this region.

4. If the experience has white spots

From the resume, your career path should be clear. If there are gaps between the periods of work that were not explained in any way (study, maternity leave, and so on), your candidacy may raise doubts.

5. If you do not have experience

This does not mean that the resume should be empty. You can note in it some success from studying in a specialty, not to mention the practices and internships.

6. If the experience is too versatile

The attention of the employer will be primarily attracted to those resumes in which the description of experience best suits the requirements of the vacancy.

If the resume is long and it describes in detail a completely versatile experience, then not every recruiter will spend extra time searching in this resume for information that is useful for a particular vacancy especially if they have a choice.

And the more accurately your experience is formulated, the better our Smart Search recommends suitable vacancies for you and employers – your resume as the most suitable for their vacancies. Use the language you most often use in job postings for your specialty to describe the experience and skills.

Create a separate resume for each area of ​​your experience. Let each of them have their accents. And when you want to respond to a vacancy, adapt the resume specifically for it.

7. If you have a long experience (more than 5 years)

Recruiters are interested in your work experience over the past 5 years. Therefore, it is not necessary to paint all your experience on several pages, for example, over 10-year experience. Review it critically: maybe something is worth mentioning briefly, but some experience may have long become irrelevant, and there is no point in saying it for the sake of a tick.

8. If you change jobs too often

Employers do not like flyers – those who do not linger in a new place. It is not profitable for companies to hire such employees. But there are situations when the image of a flyer is false: a lot of legal entities are listed in the resume, but in fact, it was the same employer, or you left work because the company went bankrupt or behaved in bad faith towards you.

9. Specify experience

Very often, in a resume, duties on previous jobs are listed in the most general form, foggy, without specificity. If you have a working specialty, then unique details are not needed. In other cases, a slurred resume will not work well in the search when employers are looking for candidates based on the resume.

Recruiters evaluate a resume on average for 7-8 seconds – if there are no specifics in it, they will close it and move on to the next especially when there is a large selection of other candidates who have better experience and skills.

10. Show performance

If you apply for leadership or other position, which implies the achievement of specific results of work, then many more employers are interested in not what you do, but what you did in your previous places of work. Simply put, what results have been achieved.

11. Change the scope – “repackage” the experience

Are you looking for work in a related or completely new professional field? Think about how to submit your experience to the resume in terms of its value for the new profession. In any business, in addition to purely professional knowledge and skills, there are necessary skills (for example, the ability to negotiate and persuade, the ability to analyze large amounts of information quickly, and so on).

Think about what skills from your previous experience will be useful in a new area and focus on them. And remove those that are not relevant to the new specialty.

Compare and make the names of the desired and last posts as consonant as possible. Of course, this is not possible in all cases of changing the profession, but sometimes it’s possible.

12. Whether to write in a resume about a hobby

Recruiters do not have a single opinion: some hobbies, in their view, emphasize that the applicant has traits that are important for the profession. And some hobbies, on the contrary, can alert them.

13. Typical Minor Resume Flaws

Look at your resume with a critical eye. Are there any grammatical errors or typos in it? Is the text structured? Responsibilities and achievements are listed as bulleted so that it is easy to read? Ask to see a resume of someone you trust: is the information contained in it easy to read? Does any information seem superfluous, inappropriate?

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